How to choose “authentic” “unadulterated” extra virgin olive oil:

Posted by Dennis Lurgio on 6th Mar 2018

How to choose “authentic” “unadulterated” extra virgin olive oil:

-  How old is that oil?? Must show both “Harvest” and Best By” dates on label.

-   Only purchase olive oil in Dark Bottles or Tins never in Clear or Plastic Bottles to avoid Oxidation.

-   Pure Unadulterated olive oil is extracted from crushing Green Olives. It has the lowest acidity, less than .8% of 1%, is of the highest quality, but produces less oil, and more expensive$$$

- Olive Oil that is extracted from crushing ripe olives has a higher acidity,more than .8%, and is of lesser quality, but produces more olive oil. This inferior oil is then blended with pure unadulterated olive to average .8% or less acidity to meet the requirements to call this extra virgin olive oil! This is adulterated Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

- Take the Taste Test - Peppery sensation in the throat. No Pepper, the oil is flat, not evoo, or not olive oil at all.

- To extend shelf life keep away from heat and sunlight, when not in use keep the bottle cap on. Oxygen and olive oil don’t mix.

- In doubt on what to buy: choose Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils labelled Organic FDA or EVOO PDO. Also look for Estate Oils and oils that have won major competitions.

- Authentic, Unadulterated, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not cheap. If it is, it's probably not authentic!