Lurgio Imports Brings Award Winning Olive Oil To Rhode Island -

Posted by Dennis Lurgio on 3rd Sep 2017

Lurgio Imports Brings Award Winning Olive Oil To Rhode Island


Narragansett RI April 1, 2006 - Dennis Lurgio of Narragansett, Rhode Island, has announced the formation of a new company called Lurgio Imports LLC. He was formerly with Office Emporium; a family owned and operated business for the past 17 years in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The store was successfully sold in 2005 to a franchisee for The UPS Store.

Dennis is importing Extra Virgin Olive Oil from his ancestor's mountain top village in Oliveto Citra, Province of Salerno, in the Campania Region of Italy. The idea for this new venture started while he was conducting genealogy research of the Lurgio family name and discovered that he had many relatives in Oliveto Citra. This discovery led to an invitation to visit family whom he had never met.

I never could have imagined the feelings I would experience; visiting my ancestor's village, meeting relatives, enjoying incredible food and hospitality, researching family documents from the 16th century, and experiencing the history and culture of this beautiful country. I was at home, connecting with ancestors and family, attending the same church, walking the same ground, breathing the same air an unbelievable feeling.

Upon his return from Italy, he started to explore the possibility of importing the delicious olive oil he had enjoyed in Oliveto Citra. He learned that Oleificio DellíOrto located in his ancestor's village, has over 2000 olive trees, and has been producing olive oil from these same trees since the 1870. Imagine, he said, the olive oil my ancestors used came from these same trees that produce the olive oil today. I thought this would be a special Christmas gift for family and friends. He ordered a couple of cases and the gift was such a great hit everyone wanted more, and Lurgio Imports L.L.C. was created. Interest quickly spread through referrals and this has led to a large following of customers who appreciate a good quality, exceptional tasting olive oil.

Dell'Orto DOP and Extra Virgin Olive Oil have won silver medals in the LA County Fair, the largest fair for judging olive oil from all over the world. Dennis has since added to his Dell'Orto product line to include DOP (high quality olive oil), Biologico (organic olive oil), Limon (lemon olive oil), and Piccant (hot peppery olive oil).

Dennis has recently expanded the sale of Dell'Orto olive oil into three outstanding Rhode Island markets. The first offering was to Eastside Marketplace in Providence and most recently to Belmont's Market in Wakefield and Roch's Fresh Food in Narragansett.